HOP LION 健康生活寢具館



● 1908 Founded at Taipei, exporting used cans, bottles and material to Hong Kong.
● 1950 Established first factory in Taipei area and started exporting raw material abroad.
● 1972 Relocated factory to TaoYuan.
● 1975 Founded affiliate company-Lien Yu Corporation to produce down jackets.
● 1979 Started business in Japan market.
● 1984 Built Tainan Factory and launched production in the next year.
● Engaged in automatic production.
● 1985 Moved office to Chiao-Ta United Square building.
● 1987 Built Tayuan Factory.
● 1990 Invested and built Shenzhen Factory.Diversified in more finished products and also got involved in domestic market.
● 1991 lnstalled a state-of-the-art production line with LORCH washing machine Shut down the Tainan factory for reorganization.
● 1995 Formed two joint-venture, one in Anhui and the other in Hangzhou.
● 1996 Down-sized Taiwan production lines and expanded capacity in China.