About Down

Down and feather combines lightness, warmth, moisture absorption, and breathability.

It is a magical treasure that nature has given to mankind.

Its natural three-dimensional spherical structure is still unable to be replaced by chemical fiber.

Essentially, the source of raw materials for down products is only geese and duck, or so-called "waterfowl down and feathers". The size of the down produced by the ducks and geese will vary depending on the season; in the winter, in order to resist the cold, the natural fluff is large and dense, and in summer it is small and sparse, mainly for warmth and heat dissipation.


The center is the backbone of the softer feathers, and the lower two sides are soft feathers.


Soft barbules that radiate from a single point in three dimensions that form small soft feathers. (This is the unique that structure can never be replaced by chemical fibers)