About us

Hop Lion, was established in 1908, Is one of the world’s most experienced feather and down manufactures with facilities worldwide. It has been operated by the Chen family for over four generations. With our core values of sincerity and restless innovation, Hop Lion has become one of the most renown companies in the feather business.

Through the establishment of Hop Lions International L.L.C., the progress for international networking is becoming more rapid and flexible. Yao Chen, current president of Hop Lion, was elected chairman of the Technical Commission of the International Down & Feather Bureau in 2006. He is the first Asian to win this seat and is leading Asia’s feather business to participate in the international arena.

HopLion’s History

Over our hundred year history, we’ve risen to the challenge of the changing environment. We’ve adapted corporate strategies, expanded our supply chains production facilities, all in order to provide the best quality service to our customers

1908 Founded at Taipei, exporting used cans, bottles and material to Hong Kong.

Established first factory in Taipei area and started exporting raw material abroad.
Relocated factory to TaoYuan.
Founded affiliate company-Lien Yu Corporation to produce down jackets.
Started business in Japan market.
Built Tainan Factory and launched production in the next year. Automatized production.
Moved office to Chiao-Ta United Square building.
Built TaYuan Factory.
Invested and built ShenZhen Factory. Diversified in more finished products and entered domestic Chinese market.
lnstalled a state-of-the-art production line with Lorch washing machine.
Formed two joint-venture facilities; one in Anhui and the other in Hangzhou.
Down-sized Taiwan production lines and expanded capacity in China.